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First Esse 750 arrives in San Diego

The first Esse 750 arrived in San Diego last week. The boat has attracted a great deal of attention at the San Diego Yacht Club, the owner says.

New Years Greetings from the Committee

(German only) Vor knapp 5 Jahren wurde die Esse 750 zur European Jacht oft he Year 2015 gewählt. Heute segeln Esse 750 in der Schweiz, Deutschland, Österreich, Dänemark, Singapur und den USA und ziehen mit ihren eleganten Linien und den ausgezeichneten Segeleigenschaften überall die Seglerblicke auf sich! Sie lassen Seglerherzen höher schlagen, vor allem die von uns Esse 750-Seglern – Pure Sailing!

Pure Materials

The Esse 750 is a carbon boat. Its hull and deck consist of a vacuum assisted infusion carbon composite sandwich construction. Rudder, mast and boom also consist of carbon. As for the construction of the Esse 850 and Esse 990, Josef Schuchter put his trust in the Italian designer Umberto Felci for the development of the Esse 750. This resulted in a successful continuation of the Esseboats design concept.

Pure Sailing

The Esse 750 is conceived as a two-man racer. The modern sail plan includes a self-tacking jib and jib-furler, a square top mainsail and gennaker. The gennaker is set through a launching tube. Neither backstay nor runners are needed and the gennaker can be dropped using a dropline. Thanks to its construction, the technical configuration and the optimal handling characteristics, the boat therefore also guarantees a great sailing experience as a single hander.

„A sailor’s joys are as simple as a child’s.“

- Bernard Moitessier, French sailor and journalist